Hello Divas of the World!

Welcome to Glamourstry!

I LOVE glamour and all things glamorous!  There is and has always been an obsession with the fashion & beauty industry that has an enormous impact on pop culture, trends, lifestyle and even daily decisions and it all ties into glamour.  Glamour is alluring and intriguing. Glamour is beauty, fashion and fun!

For me, it is a lifestyle that I intend to stay in-tuned with.  It is something that brings me great satisfaction and passion. Its my happy place! I believe that we all should make our lives a little more glamorous everyday! Hey, why not??

What is Glamour to you????

There is something powerful in being alluring and flamboyant, confident and fierce! It is my hope that through my passion for all things glamorous, I can sprinkle a little more inspiration into your life and we can together make glamour a lifestyle…or at the very least, be thoroughly entertained. Curious? Convinced? Excited? Skeptical?  Good! All are perfect reasons to stay tuned!

Until next time, have a glamorous day!

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