Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair

As you may know, I have been on a healthy haircare journey for quite some time now.  Over the years, I have tried MANY hair care products and plead guilty for being a product junkie!

The bright side to being a self-professed “product junkie, is that I can bring you guys reviews on products to potentially help you make more educated decisions.  Recently, I picked up a few products from Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair. I’ve been wanting to try these products for some time now, so I decided to pick up the products that I was most interested in, which was the shampoo, conditioner and curl activator cream.  Here are my thoughts…

Cleansing Cream Shampoo:  Great for deeply cleansing the hair,  Created without sulfates, but still provides a reach lather that can help with detangling; Has a tropical scent of pinna colada or coconut.  Verdict:  Good! Love that this shampoo lathers REALLY well and did a great job at cleansing my hair. This did leave my hair a bit hard to detangle, after I treated my hair with a light protein treatment a couple of times, but this did not happen at all prior to me doing the protein treatments. 

Hydrating Cream Conditioner: Created to provide hydration and moisture to the hair after cleansing; Provides “slip” for detangling; Has the same tropical scent as the shampoo.  Verdict: OK. Did its job. This conditioner did not wow me, BUT it does do its job in hydrating the hair,  provided a good amount of slip on my very curly-kinky natural hair during detangling, especially for the price point.

Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream: Great for smoothing frizz, moisturizing the hair, and enhancing natural curl pattern during styling;  Has the same tropical scent as the shampoo and conditioner.  Verdict:  OK. Did a good job moisturizing my hair and helping take care of frizz.  This would be good for wash and go styles.  However, this product was kind of sticky and leaves a white cast on the hair once dried. I tend to have this issue with Cantu Shea Butter’s products for some reason, even if I am light-handed with the product. I did find that this worked best on slightly damp to wet hair, but overall, I would say there are other products out there within the same price point, that I would prefer. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.  If you want additional information about this products on just want to reach out to me, feel free to comment or hit me up on my other social media platforms as well.  Until next time….live life glamorously!


Markita LaSay


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