Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review

I actually did this review a while ago, but honestly put posting it on the backburner for whatever reasons…

I know this palette has been out for a while and I filmed this video a while ago, but thought that I would upload it anyway to share my thoughts on this palette.  I will later be bringing you guys some looks with this palette so please check out this video and stay tuned for that!

ABH did an awesome job with the formulation in this palette. The shadows in this palette are so pigmented and blends like a dream!  I love that this is a “neutral” palette, but the shades are different than what we were seeing for a while since the whole neutral eyeshadow palette revolution.

Many people feel like the shades in this palette work great for Fall.  In my opinion, this palette is a GREAT Fall palette, but I feel like you could do wonders with it during the warmer months, because of the warm shades available.

Check out these shades tho’!

IMG_0463Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette                                           Retail Price: $42


As always, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and until next time….have a glamorous day!


Markita LaSay




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