ORS Olive Oil For Naturals

ORS For Naturals All Products

I am really excited to bring you guys this review, basically because I was excited to have finally gotten my hands on this entire product line!  


IMG_0245 - CopyEdited ORS Olive Oil


I am loving the new ORS Olive Oil for Naturals collection. 

All of these products can be found on the ORS website at:


Or at your local beauty supply.

Sally’s Beauty does carry a few of these products but not the full line.  Their link is below:


Products Mentioned:

1.       Butter Bliss Shampoo                                                                                            $7.99

2.      Buttery Smooth Conditioner                                                                                $7.99

3.      Buttermilk  Styling Lotion                                                                                    $7.99

4.      Butter Whipped Leave-In Conditioning Crème                                               $5.99

5.      Hydrating Hair Butter                                                                                           $9.99

6.      Butter Glaze Gel Soufflé                                                                                        $9.99

7.      Butter Crème Styling Smoothie                                                                           $9.99

8.       Butter Rich Co-Wash                                                                                             $7.99




Markita LaSay

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