Beginning A New Series: Inspiration Before Expiration

Hey Glamour Babes!

FYI…I am creating a series primarily on my YouTube channel (that will also feature on my other social media accounts) called “Inspiration Before Expiration”.  I was inspired to create this series because although I love collecting makeup and I will even admit that I am a “makeup junkie” by some standards, by nature, I don’t like to be wasteful.  So I decided to create various go-to looks with the palettes that I own.  The goal is to create seven looks and these looks can be used as go-to option for each day of the week (or used however desired).

Tons of Palettes Snapshot

My Palette Collection Preview


If you guys remember “Project Pan”, which was a challenge on social media to “hit pan” or use up your products (Google “Product Pan” for more information). The idea behind “Inspiration Before Expiration” is similar in the sense that it encourages maximum use out of your products as well.

For those of us who love collecting products or who are just downright makeup junkies, you know how it is…We get excited about new launches, tell ourselves that we HAVE to have the next thing that catches our attention. meanwhile,  interest in the things that we already have (sadly, even products we JUST purchased) start to dwindle and potentially end up in makeup graveyard!  There is nothing wrong with loving to collect makeup, but personally, I don’t think it’s a healthy habit to spend money on my products, yet neglect them or NOT use them.  It simply creates an unstable working relationship between myself and my products!  I mean some of the items in my stash already feel hurt due to me having chosen favorites (in my head anyway).  The LEAST I could do is try to make the most out of them, right?

We spend GOOD coin to get glam-a-fied!  It’s time we fall back in love and appreciate what we have and vow to make use out of those “supplies” before they expire because MAKEUP DOES EXPIRE!  It is my hopes, that you will be able to find inspiration with your palettes and any other beauty products for that matter, and get the most enjoyment out of all that stuff as possible. And if any of you out there are like me, then I’m sure you loved ones will agree!

Until my next post…Have a glamorous day!



Markita LaSay




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